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Today, in response to the drug epidemic sweeping the country, Ace Medical LLC has announced its opioid addiction treatment and management services to improve treatment for people suffering from substance use disorders.

<p>Are you concerned about how to deal with your opioid addiction or that of your loved ones and are you in search of a comprehensive opioid treatment center that offers affordable and reliable service? Then there’s no better place to be than Ace Medical LLC, Florida’s leading destination for complete opioid addiction treatment and management services.</p>

<p>With the nationwide opioid addiction epidemic going on, a call to action has to be taken in helping people get their lives back battling drug abuse, and ACE Medical, LLC has answered this call.</p>

<p>Over the last number of years, Madhukar Sharma and Ace Medical LLC have revolutionized the opioid addiction treatment and management services by offering free medical support to mentally Challenged individuals. As the cases of opioid addiction continue to increase, Ace Medical seeks to further expedite and expand its offerings to make sure individuals suffering from drug addiction get life-saving treatment.</p>

<p>According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 130 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose, which highlights the seriousness of the opioid epidemic and how critical it is for patients to receive comprehensive treatment and meaningful care. Ace Medical LLC is leading at the forefront of this process, to deliver coordinated multi-disciplinary care to patients and provide timely access to quality medical and psychosocial care in all phases of their treatment.</p>

<p>“The misuse of opioids is taking a terrible toll on our country and we simply must find solutions. Improving the quality of care and delivering better health outcomes for opioid patients are at the core of Ace Medical collaborative care. Adopting this pledge is an opportunity to shine a light on one of the biggest crises we face in our society today”.</p>

<p>“We are committed to eliminating the stigma associated with substance use. Therefore we at Ace Medical LLC are taking immediate action in opioid addiction treatment and management” said Madhukar Sharma founder and pioneer of Ace Medical LLC.</p>

<p>The love for mankind and the quest to heal the land from sufferings has been Mr. Sharma’s upmost goal ever since growing up to become the man he is today. The founder of Ace Medical is not only helping the depressed communities, but he is also contributing to collective philanthropic work. He has been helping different non-profit organizations in setting their strategies to assist all needy people. Many refer him as an “Angel of our time”.</p>

<p>Mr. Sharma is currently a serving member of the board of directors at Foster Closet, an organization that looks after orphans. His extensive knowledge, fundraising abilities and event planning experience is an asset to the Foster Closet Board.</p>

<p>A recent poll survey carried out showed that Mr. Sharma is a passionate and determined advocate for children, and firmly believes that every child deserves to know the love and security of a family. As the CEO and President of Ace Medical LLC, he brings clear vision, strong leadership and a commitment to the children, adoptees and families, especially those suffering from opioid addiction.</p>

<p>Mr. Sharma has been providing free and discounted health services to many in need and helping them to achieve a great healthy future. Overtime Mr. Sharma has proven to be an exemplary figure to others in terms of his commitment to helping the community with free and discounted Services, be it rent or medical care.</p>



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