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It was a new way of organizing the camp due to Covid 19 pandemic. In this along with various activities, the way of personality development was also taught. 600 participants (18 States, 2UTs and Australia) took part not only within India but also across the globe. The camp was inaugurated on 26 may 2020 in which benefits of camp was told.

In this series of PDC respected Ved ji gave lecture on “How to make our home better” whereas respected Mukesh ji focused on how to sharpen the students' memory. Bharat ji gave lecture on yoga and Gautam ji on Behavior. The ending note of this camp was done by Vice Chairman Hemant ji.

Motivational quotes were delivered daily which was one of the main components of daily activities. Campaign of selfie with mother cow and selfie with tulsi were run by campers through home.helping parents was the interesting topic. Through the discussion of qualities of parents, campers have also learners the habit of true praise. The daily practice of yogasana was done in order to keep our body healthy and fit.

The drawing competition was held on the topic of corona warriors. The debate competition was also organised that mainly focused on the theme of Corona Pandemic. Campers took part in the solo singing competition and presented soothing and beautiful patriotic songs. Dance on patriotic songs was also organised. In the closing ceremony of this camp, campers shared memorable moments of their life and their experiences of this camp.

Parents had also supported in this camp. Camp chief Himanshu Mahakul said that this was the new and innovative experiment of PDC which was in the form of E-pdc which was praised by all. This type of events will be organised by Surya Foundation and will be in operation in the near future. The camp chief thanked all the people who were engaged in smooth running of camp and certificate of participation was also given to all the participants in the camp.


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