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A team of professionals from the organization including the medical team, talent team, and others is on tour to Africa for serving the differently-abled in Africa and bring out their dormant talent to the world, through talent shows.

Following the motto of “Vasudev Kutumbkam” i.e. “The World is one Family”, Narayan Seva Sansthan is dedicated to the cause of eradicating polio and other related ailments from the World and this tour is, but, a small initiative in the worldwide plan. It is a registered NGO and NPO in Africa and has been serving there for a few years. But, this time it has taken it to a whole new level, as in this tour they are showcasing the special talents of specially-abled along-with diagnosing, measuring and registering for corrective surgeries.

For this, the tour includes conduction of diagnosis and artificial limb measurement camps, after which a differently-abled talent show with the name of Divya Heroes 2019 is scheduled. These events will be conducted in Mombasa, Kenya on 13th and 14th September 2019, in Nairobi, Kenya on 15th September 2019, in Durban, South Africa on 21st September, and in Lenasia, South Africa on 22nd September 2019. Many local organizations have partnered with the Sansthan to benefit the differently-abled of Africa.

Spokesperson of the Sansthan Mr. Ravish Kavdia told that in the camps organized in association with Mombasa Cements Ltd. 230 differently-abled children and adolescents were selected, out of which 89 were selected for corrective surgeries. 63 differently-abled were measured for artificial limbs.

The President of Narayan Seva Sansthan, Mr. Prashant Agarwal, is touring along with the team in Africa making sure that all the events are carried out with utter involvement. He promotes the motto of ‘seeing is believing’ and has a vast vision of freeing the entire world from polio and other ailment-affected disabilities, creating a difference by bringing out the best in every differently-abled, under the maxim “the World is one family”.

Narayan Seva Sansthan is a registered NGO in India working especially for the economic, social and economic rehabilitation of the differently-abled and economically challenged, and is working for more than three decades to help these people live a life of normalcy, in sync with the mainstream. The organization has taken many initiatives including performing corrective surgeries, conducting vocational training centers, organising measurement and distribution camps, and running smart schools for economically and socially underprivileged children.


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