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EC-Council University signed an agreement with Bharath Institute of Higher Education & Research (BIHER) to offer ECCU’s undergraduate “Cybersecurity Certification Course” to the B. Tech students of BIHER. 

An agreement in the form of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between EC-Council University and Bharath Institute of Higher Education & Research (BIHER) marking the commencement of a partnership to offer cybersecurity courses within the program offerings of BIHER. The partnership intends to offer students of BIHER the ability to specialize in segments of cybersecurity that will strengthen their educational and career prospects and be industry ready when it comes to understanding people and technology from security perspectives.

The MOU attempts to embed EC Councils industry certifications offered by EC Council University into the B Tech programs of BIHER. This will result in the students of the B. Tech program to graduate with a cybersecurity specialization arming them with the current needs of all individuals to be cybersecurity ready. Students selecting the cybersecurity specializations will find the iLabs to be the most desired tool whereby students will solve real-life problems on this cutting-edge cyber range that offers more than 200 lab exercises. This, coupled with the faculty who are practitioners in the cyber world, will improve students’ success and increase their access to advanced educational opportunities.

With this partnership, in addition to raising awareness in a career in cyber security amongst the students, EC Council University sees a strong possibility of increasing job readiness and improved placement potential for students of BIHER. To encourage and motivate students of BIHER, EC Council University shall be offering students of BIHER a 5% scholarship.

“This collaborative effort by EC-Council University and BIHER have opened the way to new opportunities for the students of BIHER. I believe this new partnership holds the key to many more collective initiatives to come.”, Mr. Abel Daniel, Director for Academic Alliances International at EC Council University.



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