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Australia is planning to launch a new regional visa from the month of November for skilled workers who are planning to migrate to the regional areas of Australia. The visa will come into effect from the 16 of but interested people can access the legislation for the visa from now, this is in itself good news for aspirants who can plan for the year end. 

New Visa for Australia Immigration 

The new visa will include a new definition for what constitutes a regional area in Australia. The new definition will apply for all further references for immigration to a regional area in Australia and would also include points that are allocated for regional study in Australia. Regional Australia for purposes of Australia immigration is taken to be all regions outside the metropolitan areas in Australia such as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, and Perth.

Requirements for New Visa for Australia Immigration

The requirements for the new subclass 491 visa would in many respects be similar to the subclass 489 visa, which it would be replacing. 

1. You will need to be nominated by a state or territory in the designated area 

2. You can also be sponsored by a family member 

3. You will need to submit an expression of interest and get an invitation to apply before you can proceed

4. You will need to be less than 45 years old

5. You will need to show proof of proficiency in English communication 

6. You will need to score minimum marks on the points test.  There are a few changes to the point’s test which are

a.    Partners with competent English will be able to add 10 points instead of 5 to the points test

b.    If a person does not have a partner when applying, then they will get 10 points for English language proficiency 

c.    If you study in Australia for a masters or PhD in certain fields, you will get an additional 10 points as opposed to the earlier 5

d.    Nomination from designated areas will now earn you 15 points instead of the original 10 

Once you obtain the visa it will be valid for a period of 5 years. You will have to make sure that you are living in the designated area for the initial three years of the visa duration. After completion of three years you can apply for the subclass 191 PR visa.



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