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While FlowMotion Entertainment prepares to celebrate its games crossing the 30 million download threshold, there is another metric the company finds just as rewarding: 30,000 – the number of meals it has helped serve through its partnership with Backpack Buddies, a Vancouver-based charity.

For the past five years, FlowMotion has steadily grown its reputation as a publisher of high-quality, casual mobile games. The company’s titles have been featured multiple times by both Apple and Google (including an “Editor’s Choice” selection), boast nearly perfect ratings, and are consistently praised for their ‘Customer Love,’ or superior player support.

Cook It!, FlowMotion’s newest release, has proven to be the company’s biggest hit yet, surpassing a million downloads just five weeks after its December 2018 launch. Cook It! combines the fast-paced cooking gameplay FlowMotion is famous for with an exciting new design feature, sparking rave reviews from its international player base. The game’s popularity has propelled FlowMotion towards 30 million downloads, with over 10 million in 2018 alone.

For FlowMotion, the most satisfying aspect of this success is how it helps fulfill the company’s mission of sharing its good fortune with those most in need. The pursuit of this mission drove FlowMotion to partner with Backpack Buddies, a charity that works alongside both schools and corporate partners to provide meals to children in need. In an often overlooked crisis, thousands of young children around the Vancouver-area go hungry every day. Each Friday afternoon, Backpack Buddies provides as many of these children as possible with a backpack full of healthy meals and snacks for the weekend, ensuring they return to school on Monday well-fed and ready to learn. In late 2015, FlowMotion devoted a percentage of the company’s revenues


directly towards helping Backpack Buddies. To date, these contributions have now provided more than 30,000 meals to children in need.

“FlowMotion have proven themselves to be a crucial supporter of our cause,” stated Joanne Griffiths, Backpack Buddies’ President and Co-Founder. “While their financial contributions have been invaluable, we’ve also had the good fortune to benefit from the assistance of FlowMotion’s co-founder, Ryan Yada, as a member of our Board of Directors. Their success is our success, and we’re so happy to share in celebrating their milestone of 30,000 meals – and many more to come.”

“FlowMotion is a heart-centred company,” stated Mr. Yada. “This is the most fundamental of our core values, and we strive to instill it in every facet of our business: The promotion of mindfulness within our games, the encouragement of personal growth within our employees, and most importantly our contribution to our communities. The most rewarding aspect of our success has been our ability to share it with others, and we’re thrilled to continue to support Backpack Buddies’ inspiring mission.”

About FlowMotion

Flowmotion Entertainment Inc. is committed to publishing games that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Founded in 2014, the company’s games have been downloaded by nearly 30 million players. Flowmotion is co-piloted by Dario Pavan and Ryan Yada, who together guide the company's international team on an ambitious journey of perpetual improvement.



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