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Florida, USA – With the launch of the Big Book, it is expected that alcoholics and addicts are going to get a lot of help by learning how to become sober and why they shouldn’t make alcohol the first choice in their life. Those who are new to Alcoholics Anonymous will get to understand how unique this book is. It has been published in a step-by-step manner so people who need guidance to get away from alcohol can read the book and implement the lessons in their personal life.

The first part of the book, particularly the first 164 pages, deals with how one can achieve sobriety. One of the best things about the Big Book is Amethyst Recovery Center has released a reading guide for every chapter. When an alcoholic is reading the book for the first time or if he/she is new to Alcoholics Anonymous, it can be easier to understand the book. Since the first part is about how to achieve sobriety, it is important that the readers pay attention to every chapter.

The eleventh chapter of the book is called "A Vision for You". It deals with what the vision of an addict or an alcoholic could be when he or she achieves sobriety. The chapter is a silver lining for those who can’t think of anything apart from drinking. It is a chapter that can help a person come to the same conclusion as others who have achieved sobriety.

There are numerous stories from alcoholics who came out clean. They have shared their experiences that will be helpful for the people who are reading the book for the first time and want to come out of their addiction for good. There is an integral part of the book called “There is a Solution” where the method of recovery have been clearly written down. Even people who do not have any religious beliefs will be guided into a path of spirituality after they have finished reading the book.

The fact that the Big Book is divided into easy chapters is what makes it so unique. From the twelfth chapter onwards, readers will be able to learn how they can attain spirituality and what impact it will have on their life. There are chapters where readers can learn about working with others and why it is essential to permanently overcome alcoholism.

Overall, the Big Book is going to be a benefit to those who are eager to become sober. It is a well-written book that is not just a guide to leading a sober life, but it also gives an insight on people who have already come out clean.



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