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The Executive Centre recently released a report on its 24 years of operation on the evolving designs and aesthetic principles of serviced offices. They interviewed representatives such as Fiona Hardie, Herman Miller and Timothy Oulton and the report provides a unique perspective on the evolution of workspace design.

The interviews played a key role in gauging and reviewing internal data and how it has evolved over time. The Executive Centre has an expansive network that covers 30 cities with over 125 centres in 15 countries around the world. The research offers a clear understanding of why serviced offices in Dubai are a true recipe for success.

Some of the insights gained during these interviews revealed the many ways that shared space in Dubai are an evolving dynamic in the workplace. The Executive Centre designs workspaces to create an immediate work experience where every small detail is paid attention to. The serviced offices are a manifestation of over two decades of experience that creates innovation, flexibility and functionality. They pride themselves on sharing the vision of the organisation and elevating the functionalities and performance of their centres.

Their partners are industry leaders and these partnerships have led to fully realised workspaces that support productivity and performance. Fiona Hardie is one of their long-standing collaborators and has worked in partnership with the Executive Centre since 2005. The partnership with Timothy Oulton is relatively new but aims to create a space that provokes creativity, interaction and productivity. His creation transcends the functional and aesthetic aspects that are uniquely authentic.

Herman Miller’s partnership with the Executive Centre developed with an understanding that wellness is a vital component design and the overall health and wellbeing should be considered in the functional and aesthetic aspects of the workspace. For example, many workspaces have tables and chairs that are uncomfortable to sit on. This can lead to diminished productivity in the workplace. 

The Executive Centre is truly committed to developing flexible workspaces that support a mobile way of working. There is nothing rigid in the way that their workspaces are designed. The Director of The Executive Centre had this to say, “Our workspaces go beyond the traditional. It is a unique space that will help you to grow with your objectives. We are your partners on this journey and we want to cultivate a workspace that is designed for success”. 



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