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Bhatia Hospital held a special community workshop as part of its World Quality week celebrations on Tuesday in the hospital premises. The programme aimed at promoting awareness among the residents of the city through various sessions on current trends in "safety and quality" in diet, infection control and right method of exercising.

World Quality Day is celebrated every year around the world in November. The day was designed to increase worldwide awareness of the important contribution that quality makes towards both organisational and national growth, and prosperity. "Quality and Safety are inextricably linked, especially in healthcare settings."

The main focus of the Bhatia Hospital programme was on helping people understand whether the food they are consuming is safe and adulteration-free and how they can check on that. A highlight of the session was a live demonstration on adulteration where experts from the field conducted a demo to check adulteration in a range of items of daily use in household kitchen, including cereals, pulses, milk and milk products, oil, honey, spices, vegetables, salt, tea and coffee and fruits. This will be of immense help for housewives to keep their family safe from harmful adulterants in food items.

Another important part of the workshop was the session on how to prevent infections especially ones like H1N1 which have been on the rise across the country for some time. The commonsense techniques of hand washing were demonstrated to prevent common illness especially in children and aged. The next part was a session that was conducted by experts from the hospital’s Physiotherapy department where people were shown simple exercises and ways to stay active and healthy and were told about how they could incorporate physiotherapy in their day-to-day life. It demonstrated how wrongly performed exercises can be more harmful to the body than helping it. It showed how safety and quality are linked.

All the sessions in the workshop were conducted by a panel of inhouse experts from the hospital. Speaking about the initiative, Dr. Rajeev Boudhankar, CEO-Bhatia Hospital said, “Bhatia Hospital is an iconic name in the country’s healthcare sector and patients come from various parts of the country to avail of its treatments. This is because we have created a solid foundation based on trust among people over the years. Through these sessions that were held as part of our World Quality week celebrations, we wanted to extend this trust and create a connect with the community. Hence, we decided to undertake initiatives which could cover some important areas like diet, infection control and exercise. We are very happy that we could enlighten the community about the safety aspects of food, right way to exercise and advantages of simple hand washing techniques."

The programme concluded with an interactive FAQ session where queries regarding each module were answered to clear doubts.


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