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Comic books have been shown to capture children’s interest for a range of reasons. Rather than being overwhelmed with pages of dense text, comic books burst with colours that immediately grab children’s interest. Research suggests this visual format particularly appeals to children who are more familiar with TV, providing a useful transition between picture books and full-length novels.

While the importance of reading cannot be underestimated, the ability of comic books to promote literacy is now fully acknowledged. For instance, the structure of comics can introduce children to typical plot structures, with rising action, a climax and a resolution. Further, short stories can also greatly aide children’s vocabulary development, as the bite-size text and visual clues allow children to decipher new words.

Publishers are stepping up to meet demand as comic books have been proven to develop important literacy skills. Fabelizer is one such publisher, and has launched a range of superhero comic books to help educate, as well as entertain children aged 3 to 10. Aychu, “Guardian of the Green”, their first superhero E-Comic book, is about a young, invisible green warrior who knows what must be done to save the future of our planet, and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. Armed with an invisibility wristband she sets out to save the environment.

There has been a growing appreciation among parents and educators alike, of the role that comics can play in literacy development. Fabelizer was launched to meet this demand, and provides engaging comic books for kids, that satisfy parents’ desire for educational content at the same time.



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