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Many people wish that they should do some possible help to the orphans. But, most do not get the time or the right mind-set to do the same. However, they never forget to do their shopping. When a percentage of proceeds from the money they spend on shopping, goes to orphans they will feel happy about shopping with wholeheartedness. JayCoDesigner rightly understands the interest of people to contribute to the orphanage. So, the company selling their stuff at Etsy contributes a portion of their sale proceed to the Project AssistOrphans.

The company says “A portion of each sale goes towards bringing clean supplies to orphanages in other countries”. Even, they travel to different cities in the United States to take the necessary supplies to the orphans. The mission of this company is to bring love into the lives of suffering children from around the world.

With this noble motto, the brand brings in the best items for sale on Etsy. Be it Samsung S7 S8 Case or iPhone Savage Case, customers will find a whole collection of items from this designer shop at Etsy.

When reviewing the Lightworker Quality Unisex T-Shirt from this store at Etsy one of the customers says “This turned out to be a great gift. Shipped on time and nice quality. Will be buying again Vel”.

So, apart from maintaining quality, the designer shop is working towards service to humanity as well. This is a combination that is rare to find and shoppers interested in ensuring that a percentage of their spending goes to homeless children, they should feel satisfied to shop.


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