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When the first interaction between the two founders of NewsBoosters took place by email in April 2016, one of them (Subho) was a PhD student in New York, and the other (Mr. Anand) was in New Delhi, running one of India’s leading Press Release services. Subho had a first-hand experience about the difficulty of delivering a particular news item to the right demographic and started hatching a plan for a website that would not just highlight all sorts of socially relevant issues but also channel those news items to the people most interested in that type of news. When Subho pitched this plan to Mr. Anand, after playing the mandatory “devil’s advocate” for some time, Mr. Anand agreed to become his “partner in crime”. Mr. Anand brings with him, a thorough knowledge of how the media sector works and many industry connections. Shortly after, Subho relocated to New Delhi, and together they decided on the website name, commissioned a coder and rolled out the MVP site on New Year’s Day 2017. They are now trying to take the site to the people, to various NGO’s, student’s groups etc. Very soon, they want to move into a more streamlined UI, a downloadable app and ultimately implement a profitable business model – profits which NewsBoosters plans to share with their users.


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