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While water softeners are already very popular in several other parts of the world, the trend is quickly catching up in India. KENT, the leading water purifier brand, has recently launched its washing machine water softener in India to help households take advantage of their advanced purification technologies even when washing clothes.

KENT is a household name in India. The company offers an extensive range of water purifiers and a host of other home appliances like air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, cooking appliances, and more. The leading brand has recently launched its water softener for washing machines to help households benefit from its purification technologies when washing clothes.

This appliance converts hard water into soft water to improve the washing efficiency and offer enhanced convenience. Water supplied to the majority of households in India contain large amounts of minerals like calcium and magnesium. These minerals make water hard and can damage the clothes as well as the overall performance of the washing machine. Kent washing machine water softeners with the help of an innovative softening technology replace the salts of these minerals into salts of sodium to make the water soft. High-quality resin beads are used for this ion-exchange process to make sure that the water protects the clothes and improves the performance of the washing machine.

The problem with hard water and its minerals is the fact that these minerals do not mesh with the cleaning products. Due to this, the detergent fails to mix in water and create an effective cleaning solution. As a result, soap scum, a chalky substance is left in the washing machine which makes the clothes discoloured and dull. Scum also attracts more dirt to the clothes and can also irritate the skin.

Kent water softener is exclusively designed for washing machines to improve lather generation when the clothes are being washed. This not only improves the cleaning performance of the washing machine but also helps in saving detergent and water. In the long run, by improving the performance of the washing machine and protecting the clothes, the softener also saves money. It has a compact and user-friendly design and can be easily installed in tightest of spaces without any hassles.

Laundry can already be a time-consuming chore, and hard water complicates it further. Households looking for a simple and effective way to eliminate the washing problems created by hard water can consider this new softener from KENT. Visit the KENT India website to know more about the softener and other products offered by the company.



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