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Unemployment is the biggest problem for India. The main reason of unemployment is not the lack of talent in students but is the lack of employability skills. Our industries need students with skills like good communications, team work, technical work etc. But these skills gap can only be fulfilled if youths gets hands on experience. National Employability Enhancement Mission NEEM trainee undergoes “on the job training” program in the related industry, which enhances his employability.

Institutes taught students the basic concepts and their applications but technology always getting advanced. The institutes are not able to keep the latest version of tools & machines. So there is a large gap between industries & institutes.

According to the Director of, Gaurav Pathak, “To cope up with this gap between industries & institutes, candidates will have to undergo NEEM scheme, so that they can improve his employability as an efficient skilled worker. This efficiency of candidates will lead the company to high & high as well. The Students will be able to explore his / her subject preferences and develop it into a career of his / her own choice.”

Gaurav says, “After completing education or leaving education in middle, candidates apply for job, gives interviews but not able to get the job while they are a good scorer in their institutes. Our youth are lacking in employability skills as per industry requirements. The students come out of their institutes after completing their course are not completely ready to work in a full fledged company.” The company acquires the latest tools & techniques as per their specific needs but students don’t know properly how to use that techniques or machineries. The individuals get a platform to use the advanced techniques and they can do their best in the industry. They are able to test it out in the world of work. So that employer can hire immediately on the basis of merits of the student.

This NEEM Scheme creates skilled workforce according to employment opportunities and demands in the market. The NEEM trainees develops new & wide range of contacts. May one of these colleagues contact for a job or can give reference to their recruiter. This helps student a lot in finding a job. The students also get stipend during this programme. By this method youths earn. This method of earning is called “Earning While Learning”. Trainees small and basic financial necessities also fulfilled by joining this type of skill development programmes.

Gaurav further says, “This NEEM scheme acts as a bridge between students and companies. The students are trained as per industries requirements. These trained youths can grow any related company to a new height. Unskilled worker can not lead a companies profit but a trained has huge potential to grow an industry. The industry will notice an increase in productivity with quality because of a skilled workforce. An apprenticeship program results in highly trained professionals who can contribute noticeably to the industries growth.” The Students who are highly focused & passionate will give their contribution to the growth of the industry. This scheme facilitate students to find and access necessities of life during this course. This training helps students to appreciate the need of discipline and imbibe the same.

Both the company and the students are benefited by such type of programme. By completing this training program me students gain a working experience. The candidates also gain a confidence to take strong decisions and many more. This experience counts a lot in the company and students becomes a preferred choice of any recruiter.



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