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Source Sanjay Shah

New Delhi: On 8th April, the International Day of Roma Sandeep Marwah was honored for his contribution to the Roma studies in a grand function at   International Research Centre at Rohni.

The Centre of Roma Studies organized a colorful event where Sandeep Marwah the President of Marwah Studios and Asian Education Group was honored. His contribution to Roma studies has already brought him a Doctorate last year from International Roma Cultural University, Belgrade, Serbia.

Sandeep Marwah, through his international organizations, has developed and promoted relations with most of the major 30 countries where Roma people have settled down 1000 years back. The countries include Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovak, Egypt, Spain, Mexico, USA, Canada France, Italy, Russia, Cyprus, Turkey, Israel, etc.

The certificate issued by Institute for the Roma Studies of Europe and Research Regarding The Crimes Against Humanity and International Law, Belgrade and was presented by President of the institute Dr. Bajram Haliti and Deputy Chairman of the institute Dr. Richa Singh along with renowned media person from Serbia Zalotomir Jovanovic.



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