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Swadesi Inc. is a great website when it comes to connecting buyers and craftsmen. Usually, in a business model, there are four types of gateways. The modelbasically includes wholesaler, producer, distributor and a retailer. The middleman plays a connection between the consumer and the producer. This middleman is the person that earns the most profit because of their connection skills. However, the website, is one site which ensures that the connection between producer and consumer is maintained without the indulgence of the middleman.

Every year, almost 6 million of entrepreneurs make way for new business. Their businesses do not reach the pinnacle of success because of few factors. One of these factors is the indulgence of the middleman. All that is on the process of change because of the website, 

The dream is to create a business model product that ensures handicraft products are received at the right price directly from the producer. There is no involvement of any middleman in this process and this makes it the best thing in the world. The buyers will be able to buy the products with the help of cryptocurrency. This altogether makes the process more genuine and trustworthy.



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