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Source Sunil Sharma

If you are planning to become a teacher in future or you love to teach others, it is kind of your passion. If it is so, we would like to introduce you with the current trends of education that is currently growing drastically.
It is possible that in future the education will be more of a mobile and personalized. It will be more of hand-on service. This time education is walking with trends in the technology. This parallel walk with the technology is making education grow higher and faster. All the credits goes to mobile and cloud technologies and internet availability to everyone. Digital Transformation has made its imprints in quite every area of work and our life.
These few trends are
1 Bring Your Own Device- With mobile, laptops and e-books reader one have a personal access to everything that he/she learn every day.
2 New Touches to Learning Space- Making your library a free-space that is available with both books and computer system with internet.
3 3D Printing- One can learn diagrams those are printed in 2D in their book and have to understand them with help of their 3D imagination.
4 Better Education for Dyslexic Student- There should be applauses for the person who made “Text-to-Speech” program for computers. This assistive technology can bring up new ways to improve support for dyslexic students.
5 Student Driven Learning- Knowing everything is not a thing in today’s mobile world. It is more important that how do you use that knowledge.
About EasyShiksha: EasyShiksha is a part of HawksCode Softwares. It is an educational branch extended by HawksCode in India in the way to give a new view to education. Digitization will not be limited to only banking, data/ information transfer and other.
EasyShiksha offers you free online test series, details of college, school and universities. It allows you to get certification program from different universities, not only from India but from around the world.

Target Communities :

Why it is important: To improve and evolve Indian education system

What is the end objective of the news?: Awareness

What needs to be done to meet the objective?: Spread it as much as you can and digitization and hand shake by education and technology

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