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Ganit week was praised from eleventh December to fifteenth December, 2017 in Billabong High International School. The students of Grade sixth to ninth partook with extraordinary excitement and were occupied with various exercises which upgraded their scientific capacities. 

The target of Maths week was to enhance and grow the information of every student. The exercises were intended to advance a fun way learning process which enhanced the scientific aptitudes of every student. 

The exercises included distinctive levels of Sudoku perplexes and the ideas of Vedic maths. Every student fathomed the Sudoku riddles and worksheets applying Vedic maths traps with heaps of intrigue.

The occasion finished with the diversion called Mathabola upgrading their explanatory and consistent thinking abilities. Every one of the understudies took an interest fanatically and each of them gave an extreme rivalry to the next . 

These exercises were led for teaching the enthusiasm of science in students. It was a non-standard method for getting students engaged with maths exercises. The understudies demonstrated enormous appreciation towards the school for these inventive exercises.


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