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BUDDY COP COMES TO THE RESCUE, SECOND TIME Woman sends message through system after workplace bother for months, police arrest curprit within hours Pune Police’s Buddy Cop system came to the rescue of a hassled woman a second time round by helping her put her male colleague behind bars for harassment at the workplace. The woman managed to complain to the police through the system, after which the cops picked him up from the office within a few hours. The arrested person, identified as Kishor Ramdas Awati (30), he works as a field executive at a Kharadi-based IT company. The complainant also works as a field executive in the same department. Senior police inspector Anil Pathrudkar of Chandan Nagar police station told Pune Mirror, “The complainant has been working in the company for the last seven months. Awati was also working in the same department. Initially, there was no problem between the colleagues. However, a few months ago, Awati had approached her and started harassing her. The woman had immediately given a written complaint to the management of the company, after which the company officials called and reprimanded him for his behaviour. The company gave him another chance to improve his behavior but, clearly, that didn’t work.” According to the complainant, Awati had stopped harassing her since a few weeks. But on April 20, he was at it again. “When the girl told him that she will complain to the management again if he does not improve his behaviour, Awati told her that he does not bother about it, and that no one can take any action against him,” Pathrudkar said. Awati also harassed her in the office on Friday. This time, the girl used the Buddy Cop system to send a message, asking for help. As soon as she sent the message, sub-inspector Sandeep Salunkhe, who is part of the system, contacted the girl and asked for basic information. “After getting all the information, Salunkhe and other police personnel from the police station immediately rushed to the company and spoke to the girl in detail. Later, the police team also held ameeting with the company officials, who confirmed that the girl had complained against Awati in the past as well. When the police got the confirmation that Awati was harassing the girl, we immediately picked him from the office,” Pathrudkar added. █ When the girl told Awati that she will again complain to the management if he doesn’t stop, Awati told her that no one can take any action against him


Target Communities : Women, women and women

Why it is important: This could be the way forward

What is the end objective of the news?: To spread awareness about a solution !!

What needs to be done to meet the objective?: This news should be spread asap and every city police should have such a

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