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Patna: In a sweeping raid across the state capital, authorities in Patna on Friday recovered fake and expired medicines of major name brand companies to the tune of several crore rupees. Police also arrested three men in the case though more arrests were expected to be made before the end of the day, officials said. Acting on a tip-off, a police team raided a house in Langartoli under Kadam Kuan police station and arrested a man red-handed while trying to put fake wrappers on expired medicine boxes and bottles. He was identified as one Ravi Shankar Kumar. Fake and expired medicines with an estimated street value of over Rs. 5 lakh were seized during the raid, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Manu Maharaj said. Based on Ravi's statements, police then raided a house in CIT Colony under Patrakar Nagar police station and arrested a man who was identified as Ramesh Pathak. Like the earlier raid, authorities recovered several boxes of fake and expired medicines with new wrappers, police said. Meanwhile, another raid was carried out in Alamganj where one person was arrested and several cartons of fake and expired drugs were seized. This led to many more raids in Govind Mitra Road, Alamganj, and Bahadurpur where police seized fake medicines with a street value of several lakh rupees. Ravi and Amit told the police that the kingpin of fake medicine was Ramesh Pathak who bought expired medicines in large quantities from drug stores in Patna at dirt cheap prices. Pathak would then put new but fake wrappers on these expired medicines and resell it to drug stores in Patna and around at a hefty profit. Many drug store owners and government officials are said to be involved in this racket, the two arrested men said.


Target Communities : Common citizens and authorities

Why it is important: Fake medicines is a killer menace

What is the end objective of the news?: to spread awareness and call for better vigilance

What needs to be done to meet the objective?: one one side people should have an easy method to alert the authorities and the govt should conduct raids more frequently and strictly.

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