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The platform, Chitchatchannel, designed and developed by GoGagga Software, is purposed and friendly for kids. It can simply be used at home and as the supporting learning media at school.

GoGagga Software is a startup development company well-known for several products like Office247 and Secure-z apps that are indeed for the Business and Home Office. However, it seems that this company likely seeks to enlarge its sphere of influence in the realm of the family.

This education learning media focuses on the arts as taught in the childhood ages. Kids are typically grouped into levels, including kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, middle school, and high school. Throughout these levels one common denominator is their love for the arts, and one question on the minds of parents and educators alike has always been - what can one do with this budding talent and passion; and how can it be turned into an educational benefit for the future?

Chitchatchannel seeks to resolve this.

It does so by providing a different type of Social Media than the regular Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which most schools already subscribe to as their gateway for student-public interaction; rather, Chitchatchannel focuses on a unique way of filing & shelving student creative arts in what it terms as channels, providing an enriched student-public interaction with an option for public subscription. More than that, the possibility of paid subscription serves as an inspiration and motivation to explore new ways of harnessing talent at an early age. Schools begin to ask questions like: Should we keep a channel for a digital museum? Can subscriptions serve as an added revenue stream? Do we empower the kids even earlier with more modern or advanced art tools? In this way, Chitchatchannel opens up a new world of creativity in the arts delivering more fun and interest in these fields.

Although it comes across as more structured, because it is also a regular, global, social media platform, it becomes a medium or market, if you will, for exploring creativity offered on channels with individual or groups of users showcasing their most well thought out quality content. Teachers, parents and local communities become more involved from different perspectives creating a new burst of energy around childhood education in all ramifications of the arts.


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