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Namyaa Skincare has introduced its new Disposable Female Urination Device that has been curated to simplify the lives of women. This is a Stand and Pee device for women where women can now evade the concept of using unhygienic and dirty toilets. This device shall ensure their hygiene and sanitation.

Namyaa Disposable Female Urination Device – Stand and Pee comes with a simple “open-place-pee-throw” instruction and is super convenient to use with zero spillage that doesn’t spoil your clothes and is instead super handy and super easy to use. This super beneficial urinating device has been made with coated paper which is water-resistant and comes in a simple use funnel pack which is leak proof.

Namyaa Disposable Female Urination Device – Stand and Pee comes to the ultimate saviour for all those who hate dirty toilets. It prevents women from getting infections and UTI’s. It can be used while travelling in flight, trains, highways etc. Be it be for work or leisure, be it be treks, road trips, marathons, events this super handy device is the ultimate friend for life.

Namyaa Disposable Female Urination Device – Stand and Pee arrives in a white and green packaging and is a product that is highly looked for. It is a premium product that is available for just Rs. 299 for 15 funnels and is available all across retail, modern outlets and e-commerce portals.


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