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Park Bench From Artisan House
"As the winter chill is felt in the air and we long for the lazy outdoor days under the Sun, JFD unveils ‘Park Bench’ that truly captures the spirit of the season in an artistic way. As the name suggests ‘Park Bench’ is a beautiful sculpture that brings the view of city park right in your living room. The metal wall art depicts an end of winter view of a park replete with trees, birds and the park benches.

C. Jere by Artisan House®, designers and crafters of unique, fine-quality metal sculptures for wall, floor and tabletop. Created by master artists at the firm’s C. Jere Design Studio in Burbank, California, USA, Artisan House is one of the most preferred Artifact Art Studio amongst global Architects, Interior Designers and Art lovers. Artisan House’s vibrant, versatile designs have been recognized as multi-dimensional “metalwork’s of art.” They are hand crafted of rich metals including copper, bronze, brass, steel, aluminum and chrome. C. Jere by Artisan House wall sculptures elevate the look of any room or outdoor setting thanks to a comprehensive array of designs showcasing multi-colored, cool and warm tones; nature-themed pieces with earthly inspirations; and sculptures reminiscent of activities that relax, excite or inspire."

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Name: Kousik Mukhopadhya


Telphone: +91 98314 39629 , +91 98368 63311



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