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Skanda Shasti is a festival dedicated to Lord Muruga, the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Muruga is known by many other names also– Kumaran, Kartikeyan, Arumughan, Skanda, etc. Skanda Shasti celebrates the birthday of Lord Muruga who came to the earth plane to destroy the demon, Soorapadman.

Skanda Shasti festival is an important event in Tamil Nadu’s religious calendar, and it is celebrated grandly at Thiruchendur, one of the six divine abodes of Muruga (Arupadai Veedu). It is believed that Skanda Shasti (Oct. 28 to Nov. 2) is the best time to worship Lord Muruga and gain his blessings. At AstroVed, many special poojas have been planned to celebrate the occasion.

During this 6-day powertime of Muruga, AstroVed will be performing two grand fire labs, on the first and the final day. On the first day, Oct. 28, 2019, six Vedic priests will perform a grand Homa by chanting the powerful Subramanya Moola mantra (Muruga seed sound) from the sacred text ‘Sharadha Tilakoktham.’ Performing this homa is believed to dispel negative forces, fear, grant victory, and overall prosperity. 

On the final day of Skanda Shasti, Nov. 2, 2019, the day when Muruga vanquished the demon Soorapadman, we will be performing Shatrusamhara Homa to help overpower internal and external negativities. Performing this homa is said to invoke the warrior energy of Muruga and bestow courage, help overpower enemies and enhance family relationships.

AstroVed will be offering six different flowers, fruits, and food offerings (Nivedhyam) to invoke Lord Muruga. Apart from this, there will be special Archana at Arupadai Veedu, Milk Abishekam at Swamimalai and a grand marriage ceremony of Muruga on Nov.3rd at AstroVed Remedy Center. 


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