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The orientation program under the galvanizing theme “Inspired Minds of the New India- Innovate, Excel and Make Mother India Proud of you”. Dedicated to the new academic session, earmarked for 2019-20 “started on 16th July at the sprawling campus of Amity University, Haryana with unshakable felicity. Iteration of the thought provoking sessions will be attended by the galaxies of celebrities from across myriad segments of profession encompassing versatility and higher degree of credibility to commemorate the elegant induction of the students arriving from divergent socio-cultural fabrics with invincible conviction.

The august celebration was attended by the Chancellor Dr. Aseem Kumar Chauhan, Vice chancellor Dr. P.B.Sharma, Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr. Padmakali Banarejee and other distinguished dignitaries. Their generous interaction with the present students and their keen parents stayed riveting while they equipped them with the newly adopted teaching methods being unarguably career driven. They also shared the religiously conceived credos of the Amity group of education, shepherding the younger generation to the zenith of success and desired glories . While sharing his inspiring views, the chancellor, Dr. Aseem Kumar Chauhan dissuaded the students from considering scattershot approaches in life as a means of achieving success, as, he further added that one must take all possible rational and intellectual initiative at full throttle.

The Vice- chancellor, Dr. P B Sharma expressed in his ever humane notion of the establishment of an inclusive society. He also laid a relentless stress upon comprehensive shunning formidable challenge of Global warming and persistently occurring environmental hazards.

Prof. Padmakali Banarjee, Pro Vice Chancellor, addressed the vivacious crowd to have focused goal and unhindered mission in their life. The stupendous crowd remained palpably joyful all through the enchanting interaction.

Mr. Venky Venkatesh, CEO, Press Trust of India viewed that the press plays an important role in establishing a just social order and simultaneously he also motivated the young minds to groom themselves as a responsible part of this fraternity.

Mr Raj Kamal Gupta, HR Director, Dalmia Group while addressing the gathering motivated the students by giving them the advice on how to be positive and passionate with the new journey in life.

Sunidhi, 1st Year Student, Amity Business School while attending the orientation program shared the vivid and positively charged atmosphere of this mesmerizing premise.


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