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Daily yoga is suitable for both sexes as it improves back health, muscle tone, and enhanced blood circulation. Some aspects are however more supportive to women. In addition to improving how you feel daily, it helps to ease symptoms related to the health crisis. Yoga also improves mental health, reducing the stress that comes with being a woman (both at work and home) at the same time. 

Outlined here are some of the benefits of practicing yoga for women

Hormonal help

Hormones can be very devastating on how you feel. Depending on where you are in your cycle you may experience low energy, mild cramps, high energy or you may be left flat with fatigue. Yoga helps you checkmate the worst of feelings, easing contractions that cause pains of the uterus in the process. This happens with moves like the pigeon, rectal spine twist or seated twist. You can go into restorative practice in times of low energy and then, vigorous flow is excellent for when energy levels are high. 

When on menopause, yoga helps with changes the body goes through, teaching you to breathe during flashes, easing discomfort with restorative poses such as the “Reclined angle” or the “Bound angle.” Yoga practice, when done regularly, helps with other side effects that come with hormonal shifts such as anxiety, insomnia, mood swings or depression.

Daily practice of yoga helps with a mental focus making you less forgetful, calm, in fact, calm enough to help you level out a bad menstrual cycle.

Health crisis

Today many people seek therapeutic methods to help bring them out of sickness as well as cures for resulting side effects that occur as a result of these sicknesses that had passed. With yoga, we not only have the means to ease the worries and anxiety that comes with health challenges, but it also helps improve symptoms as well, helping with the healing process. 

Using yoga restorative poses during any illness from diagnosis to recovery offers solace and healing. A study from the international journal of yoga published in 2009 showed a connection between the regular practice of yoga and improvements in various diseases as well as treating symptoms such as constipation, pain, stomach pain, and vomiting.

A recent study of cancer showed that in many illnesses where patients suffer from constant fatigue experienced less depression and greater energy after a 12-week yoga intervention program. Yoga does not stop diseases but it offers excellent assistance for affected individuals which is an excellent plus in recovery.

Anxiety and stress

Anxiety, as well as stress, are huge problems today for women. In an issue of psychiatry and neuroscience research published in 2015, research has shown that women are far more likely to suffer from depression than men. Women feel anxiety more because they become overwhelmed by situations compared to men. Yoga, however, is instrumental in treating anxiety as it helps stimulate feel-good chemicals in the brain, which changes thought patterns, mitigating stress response alongside. 

The positive effects of Yoga on depression and anxiety occur just after a few months. A 2009 study on complementary therapies in clinical practices showed that constant engagement with yoga for two months in a class environment (twice per week for an hour and a half) notably reduced anxiety in women. Early research published in 2007 showed that yoga a lot of promise in treating depression as well. The chest opening poses alongside rhythmic breathing may have a direct impact on lifting women’s mood. This research was accessible in the 2007 journal for Evidence-based complementary and alternative study article.

Posture and appearance

Yoga engages your muscles and teaches your body awareness in a way that you might otherwise forget. Yoga helps you naturally contract your core stabilizing muscles and stand taller, giving you a healthy and confident look. With good posture, you also look thinner as yoga has a direct correlation to weight maintenance. It not only helps to burn calories, but it also creates mindfulness in you, such that you make good dietary choices and still stay in touch with feelings of satisfaction, preventing you from consuming meals that contribute to weight gain. Total health is achievable with yoga as it creates a sense of mindfulness like no other.

Bottom line

Yoga helps both men and women. In a lot of ways, both parties have a lot of things to gain from the practice of yoga. This piece, however, is a platform for enlightening the female population on the extra benefits attached to practicing yoga for them. The word extra there shows reference to women in particular and how it benefits them. However, it is also important to learn yoga properly and there is no other place better than India. 

If you participate in a yoga course in India, it should act as good motivation for you to engage in this beneficial practice of yoga daily. We always try to emphasize the fact that yoga is not a cure but a passage to the recovery of whatever you are going through easier. That is why it is important to go to India especially Rishikesh to learn yoga. When you participate in a yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, you understand that it is not a destination but a journey which would improve you as you continue to ride with it. Finally, yoga is not a competition so comparing yourself with those who seem to have perfected the act is not a necessity as you would also get there with time.

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