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Sustainability Now has announced the launch of a new event aiming to help end climate change, with events and talks from leaders and visionaries in the field. The Sustainability Now Summit will be available for free, held on June 1 - June 7.

The site explains that anyone can register for the event simply by clicking the green button provided. Participants in the event will hear from 35 sustainability icons striving to turn their dreams into reality.

Visionaries, change makers, and concerned citizens concerned with looking for the latest information on how to save the world can register now to attend the event.

There will be 35 speakers over the week, sharing bold innovations, transformational Technologies, and sustainability strategies that provide hope and direction for a thriving future.

The event will be hosted by Sustainability Now, the show engaged in the exploration and proliferation of cutting edge sustainable technologies that solve issues dealing with food, energy, housing, water, waste, health and consciousness.

A wide range of high profile speakers will be hosting events during the summit, including Alexander Verbeek, from Planetary Security Initiative. He is a Dutch environmentalist, public speaker, diplomat and former strategic policy advisor at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Other speakers include Zach Bush, MD, of Farmers Footprint, who is a triple board-certified physician offering insight into modern disease.

Brother Phil Lane Jr, of Four Worlds International Institute, and an internationally recognized indigenous leader in human community development, will also be speaking.

In addition to this, event participants will be able to hear from Marina Qutab, from Eco Goddess, who is a Zero Waste Vegan Influencer in the eco-conscious lifestyle movement and co-founder of the first zero waste shop in Southern California.

Important discussions will also be held by these thought leaders around health, economics, and consciousness.

Anyone attending the free event will take away actionable steps to recreate a thriving planet. When asked about the reasons behind the event, Mira Rubin, host of the Sustainability Now Summit, said: Its time to recreate the world to be the world we dream of living in.


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