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With Mother’s Day 2019 around the corner, Miracle Foundation India, a fully-licensed Section 25 non-profit organization, has announced its initiative for Mother’s Day, taking steps towards helping housemothers to create an enabling environment for children living in children's homes. Along with this, the initiative aims to simultaneously prepare and empower the biological mothers of these children to welcome their child back into the family.

Miracle Foundation India was founded on Mother’s Day in 2000, and has brought impactful change to the lives of 7500+ orphaned and vulnerable children thus far. Every year, the organisation invites people to donate in honour of mother figures in their lives. These donations go towards helping reunite children with their families.

This year’s Mother’s Day initiative includes a four-pronged approach, aimed at ensuring that housemothers at children’s homes create an enabling environment for children at every step while they await transition and support to children in all possible ways until they are reunited with their families. This will be carried out by building housemothers’ capacities to address children’s needs, training them to prepare the child to transition back to their family and ensure attachment.

The funds raised will help housemothers build self-awareness, self- confidence, and self-esteem, helping them take better care of the children. Through the training, housemothers will be able to create a sense of belonging via family groups and day to day activities at children’s homes and ensure that children are loved, educated, healthy and safe until they transition to a permanent family.

On the other end are the biological mothers whose children have been away from them for years, due to a lack of the right support and resources to care for their child. A part of the funds raised from the Mother’s Day initiative will go towards counselling and preparing these biological mothers to welcome their child back home and give them the support they need to keep their child in the family and not in a children’s home.

Speaking about the initiative for Mother’s Day, Nivedita Das Gupta, India Country Head, Miracle Foundation said, “Over 80% of children living in children’s homes have a living parent who cannot care for them due to a lack of resources majorly stemming from socio-economic constraints. As a result of being away from their family and especially their mothers, these children are deprived of bonding, attachment and homely care. Every child deserves a loving and caring family environment, and there is nothing that compares to one’s own mother. At Miracle Foundation India, it is our goal to make this a reality for as many children as possible. Our Mother’s Day initiative is another step in this direction, to empower both housemothers and biological mothers of these children to help them cater to every child’s needs, whether they move back to their own homes or are living in a home away from home for the time being.”

To make a difference, all one has to do is make a donation in honour of their mom - or other special mother figures in their lives. This amount will be tax-deductible as well. In return, they will receive a beautiful Mother's Day photobook, which they can personalise and share with their honouree.

Ever since its inception, Miracle Foundation India has worked tirelessly to improve the standard of care at children’s homes, thus enabling them to fulfill their individual potential. The organization currently works with over 109 homes in India. Through this initiative, in addition to reuniting orphaned children with their families, the organization aims to identify the resources a family requires to keep the child with them to be able to help them better. This will enable both children and families to make a smooth transition into their new lives.


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