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With close to 3 lacs MBA aspirants and barely 30 – 35 thousand seats available in top B Schools of the country the competition is tough for many. To assist students on this, Calcutta Business School which is promoted by Shikshayatan Foundation with Mr. S.K Birla as Chairman, is conducting mock GD / PI practice sessions in various places across East and N.E states also offering merit based financial support.
“Many students may not afford to go through expensive coaching classes to prepare for tests and GD PIs. Our selection process is open to all students where we give them a fair chance to prove their merit. Weightage is given to factors like analytical reasoning, problem solving attitude, general awareness, communications, creativity and other positive attributes which are required in a professional set up along with test scores and academics”, said the former director of IIM Calcutta, Prof. Shekhar Chaudhuri who joined Calcutta Business School as a Director, recently.
According to their assessment, the two specific ‘needs’were noticed as bottleneck while scouting for talented students – A) students may have done well in entry level tests but fail to impress during interview; B) meritorious student having scored decent marks in academics but may not have the capacity to go through the expensive tutorials or MBA fees.
Securing a decent score in tests like CAT / XAT / GMAT / CMAT may even not be enough to get into a top B School. Apart from scores there are several other factors that are considered which students often fail to realize.
“The goal is to offer unprejudiced assistance to students and guide them through their admission seeking process. Often we find gifted students who are not very comfortable in speaking his mind in a group. We would like to judge a student by his merit”, added Prof. Tamal Chaudhury, Principal Calcutta Business School.
GD / PI or WAT/PI process is a critical part of the component for evaluating the skill sets of a student and his business management acumen. Admission committees rely on this to a great extent as this reflects the attitude and the thought process of the student. To make students aware and prepare for this process, upcoming sessions has been scheduled in Jharkhand (8th Mar), Kolkata (10th, 17th, 23rd 31st Mar); Bihar and other N. Eastern states. Further details can be obtained from 9007823472 / 9330453325 or

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