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Swaram Hearing Aid Centre is a leading hearing aid clinic Kochi that has been helping patients of hearing loss to live a normal life with the best hearing aids. The clinic was established in 2005 by Sunil Kumar and ever since then the clinic has been offering the best hearing aid services to people. Starting with only a single center in Pallimukku, Ernakulam, Swaram Hearing Aid Centre has literally progressed to astounding heights with its 5 centers in different parts of Kochi, namely Pallimukku (Ernakulam), Thrissur, Aluva, Kollenchery and Angamaly.  

Anyone looking for hearing aid Kochi automatically prefers to consult Swaram Hearing Aid Centre due to its excellence of services. All of these centers are equipped with the best and latest hearing diagnostic facilities such as audiometry, otoacoustic emissions, impedance audiometry, ASSR, behavioral audio assessment, BERA and aided audiogram. An ENT specialist Kochi oversees the whole process of medical treatment.

Swaram Hearing Aid Centre is also conscious about its role in society to ensure positive hearing health for all people. The hearing aid center Kochi has announced a completely free and open hearing checkup for all children between the ages of 5 and 16 in May 2019. This can help children to combat their hearing issues and have better hearing health.


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