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IndiaMoneyMart is the best P2P lending platform which provides space and chances for Indian citizens getting fast loans with lower rates as well as placing multiple investments.

The Traditional economic system uses bank as the source of getting funds and investing money. This system works for a long time, despite higher interest rates. Now, the traditional system has a new rival. IndiaMoneyMart (IMM) offer a big opportunity for Indian citizens getting loans without getting high interest rates as well. IMM provides a P2P lending marketplace that can be followed by anyone, as long as they live in Indian territories.

IMM is not a financial company which gives loans or takes investment from people. IMM only provides a place for Lenders and Borrowers to meet and transact privately. Through IMM, Borrowers can select the Lenders who might fit their needs, for example, Lenders who offer lower interest rates. Each registered members, whether they are Lenders or Borrower, will through strict verification mechanism in the beginning of registration. IMM experts will conduct a thorough investigation of personal, financial, and professional details of each member candidate.

Peer to peer lending India is not commonly heard or known. Thus, IMM becomes a fresh news in the Indian economic world. P2P lending system which allows Borrower to negotiate their payment and allows Lenders to diversify their investment make IMM in the prominent position of the intermediator financial platform.

IMM will not give any financial advices or recommendations to its registered members. Borrowers and Lenders will be given detailed lists of their peers to study and to review whether the individuals on the lists are fit with their requirements. Once they found the perfect peers, IMM will facilitate the transaction between Borrowers and Lenders. IMM can save time, money, and energy for each Borrowers and Lenders because they don’t have to meet personally which may compromise their daily busy schedule.

IMM is a legal company that abides all the real laws. IMM will not tolerate any members who break the rules. To avoid repayment delay, IMM set additional interest along with the fine, so that Borrowers will have to think twice before delaying disbursement.

IMM is a highly secured platform. IMM will protect all personal details of each member and won’t share those details to any third party organizations or individuals even to the peers. IMM only shares the necessary information that supposedly can help Borrowers or Lenders make a judgment of their peers. Because of its great security system and working rules, IMM provides the best P2P lending marketplace in the whole India territories.

About the company

IndiaMoneyMart is a website platform for Peer to Peer Lending in India. It works under Fair Vinimay Services Pvt. Ltd. Its main office is in Mumbai, but it has several branches in all major cities in India.

-- Full address with Zip Code

205 Unique Industrial Estate,

Twin Tower Lane, Prabhadevi,

Mumbai-400 025, India

-- Company and Business Name

Fair Vinimay Services Pvt. Ltd. (India Money Mart)

-- Contact Number (the real one)

Tele No. 022 24221106 / 022-40021106

Mob No. +91 8879304067 [ Lenders ]

-- Contact email ID (Gmail / Yahoo not accepted)

Email :

-- Working Timing : 9:30 AM - 6.30 PM

-- Working Days : Monday - Friday

Name: Abi Dewa


Telphone: ,



Current Location: USA, Los Angeles, CA

Originally From: USA, Los Angeles, CA

Facebook ID:

Twitter ID:

Stumble ID:

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Snapchat ID:


Target Communities : Indian Market

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