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The Indian medical tourism industry is estimated to stand at around USD 6 billion in the year 2019 while the healthcare industry itself is projected to touch $372 billion by 2022. We can see a noticeable gap between the two and the reason attributable is that the medical tourism industry is still in the phase of maturing. This gap is said to decrease in no time and in turn accelerate the growth of the Indian medical tourism industry with the pace by which the medical tourism startups are entering this domain and acting as catalysts.

‘,’ an online healthcare startup is one such catalyst that is all set to disrupt the medical tourism sector of India, and bridge the large gap between the healthcare sectors.

Guide My Treatment is essentially an online portal that connects specialist doctors to the patients. So, you think that this is not new? You might want to think again as Guide My Treatment does not only cater to the Indian patients but works globally.

“What we do is what nobody else in this industry is doing, we connect the patients seeking specialist treatment directly with highly experienced Indian doctors. By doing so we are eliminating various existing layers between the doctors and the patients like agents, hospitals, etc which used to hinder the doctor-patient relationship, increase treatment cost exponentially and reduce accountability. Therefore, we make it about the patients, the patients can directly communicate with the Doctor through our in house audio - video technology before finalizing their treatment, thus Guide My Treatment provides an end-to-end solution along with its widespread presence is in India, Africa, UAE, etc.” says Pauneet Nanda, founder of GuideMy Treatment.In

While there are many startups that are growing in this domain, Guide My Treatment is unique in every sense of the word as it is contributing to the medical tourism in India. It is contributing by ensuring unparalleled facilities, the most coveted brains of this industry and last but not the least unmatched tie-ups and accreditations for the patients coming to India. “The best part of this is that the patients can get affordable treatment with us without compromising on the quality that would otherwise cost them much more in their country,” states Pauneet Nanda

This online startup is also economical and easy for the users as it provides consultation and free recommendations online by just a click of a button bringing medical advice to your doorstep. They also have the most unique facility for the patients to connect with the doctors through video calling and have various successful strategic tie-ups with Government Institutes and have associated with more than 10,000 Doctors, Clinics and Hospitals


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