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The Pulse Center offers ABA or Applied Behaviour Analysis Therapy, a therapy that focuses on certain behaviours including academics, reading and communication, learning skills, dexterity, self-care and hygiene and independence. The therapy aids adults and children with speech delays in Dubai who are struggling with autism and unable to cope with their day to day activities in their school, home and the workplace. Studies have shown that the therapy makes significant improvement in skills and behaviour of individuals with autism, reducing their dependency on specialized services.

Hanshini Boolaky, Medical Director of Pulse Center explains how ABA works. She says that children and adults with autism will be encouraged to engage in one to one or small group setting where behavioural modification techniques are applied to discourage anti-social behaviour.

Autistic individuals don't always understand how they should function in a social setting or in their communities. They may struggle to make friends. ABA is a psychological technique that has been proven to work and help autistic people modify and change their reactions. It is an intense program that allows for continuous feedback to enable the patient to work through their struggles and challenges.

Techniques used in ABA in children may be different to what is used in adults. The Therapists at Pulse Center will meet with adults and older patients to understand what behaviour patterns they want to improve, and find ways to express their emotions in a healthy manner. The therapy focuses on improving social skills, learning new skills and behaviour and minimizing negative behaviour that can impact the overall quality of life.

Hanshini Boolaky further states, “We focus on realizing the true potential of individuals with autism. We create a stimulating environment where children and adults are made to feel safe and nurtured.”


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