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Dr. Sandeep Attawar best cardiac surgeon in India is the only surgeon to offer the new minimally invasive Convergent Maze Procedure for patients with advanced Afib symptoms who have not responded to standard treatments. This new procedure has been added to the Global Hospitals at Chennai and Hyderabad. Hospital’s state-of-the-art cardiac surgery program and electrophysiology service thanks to the medical expertise of Dr. Sandeep Attawar best cardiac surgeon in India.


The Convergent Maze Procedure combines the best of cardiac surgery and electrophysiology to help restore normal heart rhythm for Afib sufferers with no incisions or ports in the patient’s chest, minimal pain, and shorter hospital stays and recovery time. During the Convergent Maze technique, radiofrequency, or heat, is used to supply lesions (scar tissue) on the heart which bring about a capacity to block abnormal electrical signal causing Afib. Rather than invasive chest incisions in an open heart technique, a cardiac surgeon first makes a small incision in a patient’s abdomen right below the diaphragm.


Air is blown into the cavity, a scope and a camera are inserted, and the health care professional then uses the radiofrequency waves inside the scope to create lesions on the outside surface of the heart. at once following the cardiac surgeon, an electrophysiologist threads catheters thru the affected person’s femoral vein in the groin to reach and treat the inside of the heart using of radiofrequency or cryoablation (cryoablation makes use of coolant instead of heart). Diagnostic techniques are conducted during the procedure to ensure that all abnormal electrical signals have been eliminated.


Patients taking daily heart rate and heart rhythm medicinal drugs are able to stop use quickly after the procedure. The Convergent Maze isn’t for everyone. Patients who are candidates for this new method are the ones who've now not answered to standard Afib remedy options inclusive of medicinal drugs and catheter radiofrequency ablation. Patients who have undergone previous cardiac surgery are not eligible for the procedure. Cost of cardiovascular thoracic surgery in India is very affordable compared to western countries.




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