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The upcoming exhibition of the works of artist Jyoti Tyagi are depictions of the artist’s inward transformation through her art. Thus, the process of art in her case is not restricted to mechanical applications of the tenets of art making but to a transfiguration of her forms into the language of the spirit and the soul. Thus with stroke of her brush there emerges on the canvas, an awakening of her mind, soul and emotion.

While the spiritual process is ongoing as an undercurrent, what one witnesses on display are elements of the organic life process visible through her myriad feminine forms, entwined, uplifted, free flowing and sitting in deep meditation. ‘These elements are going through an organic life process that brings about a metabolic change in our soul. It steers us towards righteousness and teaches us how to remain balanced, satisfied and centred, in the hustle of life’ comments the artist.

Having made it her mission to express her inner calling, this artist has used the feminine form as her leit motif. These are then displayed in variable settings, visible through the elements of bhūmi (earth), jala (water), agni (fire), marut, (air or wind) and  akash (ether). Incidentally, what she has left unsaid but distinct in her works is her close adherence to the Vedic principle of vyom or space, by making her central form distinct and the surrounds a pristine space, leaving the viewer unrestricted viewing opportunities.

Like a humble ‘student’ of her Muse, this art maker draws her inspiration from Nature, where she is specially influenced by ancient tree forms and sinuous branches that seem to mirror femininity in their contours. Also the ocean depths and the inner limits of a candle are her chosen identities. Her message therefore, conveys the vital principle of integration that governs both nature and our lives. ‘Subconsciously we are always learning from our surroundings’, is her overall commentary. .

With a grounded philosophy, a strong figurative form and a choice of deep tones of the colour palette, this exhibition brings about a ‘sangam’ of thought, feeling and execution, into a perfect artistic blend. 


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