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Not every child is the same. While some children are naturally calmer, others tend to be overactive, aggressive or hypersensitive. It is the same with children when it comes to speech and language development. Some children are more focused, while others are less attentive. 

Children learn language at a very young age.

Language is an innate gift that human beings pick up without formal protocol. Children first learn language by imitating what they see around them. Eventually, they will learn the rules of language and figure it out for themselves. Amidst this natural learning process, there are children who will struggle with the nature of speech. They will experience developmental delays in language. The natural reaction would be for parents to immediately worry, however, there are advanced approaches to dealing with speech and development delays in children, many of whom overcome their struggles through speech therapy.

The Pulse Center offers a wide range of services which include speech therapy in Dubai to address various conditions. They have a team of qualified therapists who will work with the child to ensure they achieve their fullest potential. Parents are welcome to collaborate with the process so that they are able to fully understand their child’s specific condition and be able to be a more effective caregiver.

Hanshini Boolaky the Medical Director of Pulse Center notes, “We believe that every child has potential, despite their developmental delays. We help children through our wide range of treatment programs in speech and development therapy to develop their talents and individuality”.

She further continues, “We do not believe in the ‘wait it out approach’, because it can be detrimental to the child’s growth and development. We encourage parents not to ignore signs that their child can have delayed communication development. When children receive that extra support, it can help them make important gains”.



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