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Experiential Learning pioneer, JK Lakshmipat University hosted Liberal Arts Week at the university campus from 12th -17th February 2019 to create opportunities for senior undergraduate and masters’ students to broaden their horizon and expose them to multi-disciplinary subjects. Over 6 days important Liberal Arts courses such as - Business and Sustainability, Governance and Public Policy, and Law and Ethics were delivered by some of the best faculty members of the country. Making it an open playground of learning the university opened doors for students from other educational institutes to join the elective learning workshop.

The Liberal Art Week 2019 was designed to give a holistic learning experience to students and were open to final year undergrad, masters and PhD students from all disciplines, from any university to opt for.

“Understanding the value and application of Liberal Arts is a necessity for future professionals and leaders, for better decision making. We created this Liberal Art week very as an opportunity for the students to learn more about some of the most significant topics in that impact the world and society at large from world class external faculty and experts”, said Asheesh Gupta, Pro-Vice Chancellor JKLU.

The week started with the course Business and Sustainability by business mentor Meena Vidyanathan, Founder Niti Consulting and an alumnus of INSEAD Business School from 12th -14th February. The next two days were followed by 10 -12 hour long experiential courses on Public Policy and Governance by Mitali Nikore, Economist Asian Development Bank, Ankitha Cheerakathil, Executive Director, Institute for Democracy 21. This one-of-a-kind inter-disciplinary week concluded with Yugank Goyal, Associate Dean Jindal School of Liberal Arts & Humanities teaching a very interesting 2-day course on Law and Ethics.

For those who could not opt for the courses, the experts held open sessions during this week, which each attracted over 200 students as audience. These sessions discussed topics such as Development sector and its opportunities and Ethics behind affirmative action in education institutions.

“What struck me the most about JKLU more than any other place I have taught in is the open culture that it has been able to create. The students were not afraid to question and this kind of a space that the University has provided gives them the platform to express themselves. At every level, the faculty and senior leadership at JKLU is thinking about imparting the best inter-disciplinary education to their students”, said Meena Vaidyanathan.

Constituted under the Rajasthan Private Universities Act, JK Lakshmipat University strives to achieve its explicit purpose of providing quality education that is globally relevant and prepares each of its students with skills required for the future job markets, research, training, and consultancy.


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