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Shockwave therapy has gained a lot of popularity in modern times for the way it is healing the injured soft tissues and treating joint pain in quick time. The shockwave therapy has evolved to be one of the most effective treatments for a gamut range of health conditions that involve muscle tissues and damaged bones. The physiotherapeutic treatment is imparted through the Shockwave Therapy which makes the entire process a seamless one.

Healing Touch Rehabilitation has now partnered with EMS, the destination for world class shockwave therapy technological solution. This partnership strengthens Healing Touch to provide best Physiotherapy treatment to its patients. EMS Shockwave solution is considered to be one of the most advance in its kind with great result of healing pain especially in sport physiotherapy cases. Healing Touch has decided to partner with EMS due to their state of art method for providing the radial shock wave therapy, which provide great promising results in patient pain relieve cases.

When asked to Pranit Patel; Healing Touch Operational Director, he said, “We feel privileged and are delighted to be one of the first ones in Markham to introduce Swiss Dolor cast method approach using radial shockwave therapy to treat our patient. We frequently get patients who are suffering from sports injuries especially soccer; to treat such patients our therapists often use manual therapy and exercises approach to heal their pain. However, with radial shockwave therapy same patient injuries can be treated very effectively with manual therapy, exercises and new electrotherapy approach. This new approach shown speedy recovery in our patients pain relief and it helps professional athletes to get back to game in timely manner after injury.”

Healing Touch Rehab offers a myriad range of services that includes Physiotherapy, Chiropractor, Massage Therapy, Compression Stocking, Motor Vehicle Accident Physiotherapy, WSIB claims, Slip and Fall therapy, Acupuncture, Orthotics, Assistive Devices and Supportive braces.  

Injuries are generally accompanied by chronic pain and they affect the physical functionality of the person and hinder the performance of usual activities. When performing combined approach of manual therapy and radial shockwave therapy is bound to give effective results to the patients who may be suffering from a wide range of soft tissue or joint pain related issues.

Healing Touch’s Lead Physiotherapist, Dipali Patel added “When treating musculoskeletal pathologies cases, we have noticed that adding radial shockwave therapy, provides quick relief to our patients.  We have also tried shockwave therapy for patients suffering from Plantar fasciopathy, (aka chronic heel pain), tennis elbow, low back pain, insertional achilles tendinopathy and patellar tendinopathy; which give very promising results in reducing pain. With great result of radial shockwave therapy; we always ask our patients to try out this approach before patients go through surgery. Of course, we go through detail assessment and patient condition before we suggest them for Shockwave therapy.”


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