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The Blue Bells Public School, Sector 10 had organized ‘Learning Unbound Chapter 2018-19’ at its premises. It was an academic carnival consisting of a number of activities were primary wing students showcased their creativity with their active participation.

It consists of cultural events comprising of story enactment, street play, live singing by the choir, an exhibition and dances by the students added beauty to the event.

The exhibition focused on ingraining a logical and creative attitude in our young students to make them comprehend the interdependence of various concepts through hands-on experiences. A walkway using boards was created which showed important events of the school. The Sports pavilion aimed at physical fitness through a boot camp. The Home Science Department made a fine display of healthy food. A wellness clinic was also set up where the BMI (Body Mass Index) was calculated according to the Asian Indian Study. Many useful tips were also shared by the students through different methodologies like charts, sculptures, models and live demonstration.

THOTS corner included thinking games for all which were conducted by specially trained students. The parents appreciated the handmade souvenirs which were made by recycled products to reinforce the concept of environmental conservation. The parents were mesmerized by the presentation given by the students and earnestly participated in all the activities and games. The carnival ended on a high note.

The Robots designed by the school tech geniuses were the center of attraction for all. The parents were enthralled by the amount of research done by the students to prepare for the event and also praised the students. 


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