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Industrial visit is a crucial part of academic programs. It adds the extra skills in a career of students who are pursuing a professional degree. Industrial visits show students a practical exposure of the real-time working environment of prominent industries and companies. Moreover, many colleges and universities allow industrial visit or industrial tour to various IT companies. Students in their 3rd year and final year curriculum are called for industrial visit. Students from various streams or departments can be a part of industrial tours. During the industrial tours, students from different departments ask many questions related to working process, operations and development process.

Following the same students of Biyani Girls College, Jaipur got an opportunity of visiting Jaipur based renowned IT Company, named as Endive Software. Where Rohit Purohit, Manager of Web and App Development, gave a deep insight on how a website and mobile application are built, what are the challenges come across while developing websites, software and applications, and how digital marketing will help you boost your online sales or presence. Well, the session doesn't end there, later to this, students gained a deep knowledge of trending technologies such as Machine Learning, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. And, how these technologies work in mobile applications and websites. Further, the students visited every department of the company. In an interaction with team members of every department, the round of questions and answering was all about the development and technology that has cleared all the doubts of the students.

Sr. HR Manager of the company, Mrs. Priyanka Sharma, briefed the students about the company profile and highlighted important aspects of the web and mobile app development process.

CEO of Endive Software, Mr. Ajay Goyal, stated that “Practical exposure for every student is very important and it will provide excellent career opportunities wherever you are in the world. Students can gather knowledge about how a company works and operates its work. Students who have chosen a particular field can get to know what and how will they be working on, in a company. Industrial visit is a must for every college student to experience before joining a company or before start working.”


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