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Ariviya, a Nanotechnology Biotechnology Startup from a small town Pattukkottai in the State of Tamil Nadu, India who is developing a product called MammaryO to prevent a costly disease "Mastitis" in dairy cows at big dairy farms, attracts global investors in Tamil Nadu Global Investor Meet 2019.

Bovine mastitis is the costliest problem for dairy farmers all over the world. Annual loss due to Mastitis is 2 Billion USD in the US, 1.5 billion USD in Europe and 2.2 billion USD in India. Mastitis reduces milk production in the US by 11% and in India by 21%. Mastitis causes 70% of all avoidable losses during milk production. Mastitis is ranked second after infertility as the main reason for culling(slaughtering) cows. 20-50% of dairy cows treated for Mastitis in Europe and the USA.

Dr. Siva, Chief Technology Officer of Ariviya, said: "MammaryO is a natural, organic, thick Nano-Bio liquid foam covering and protecting the cow teats from bacterial infection and reduces the spread of organism which may cause Bovine Mastitis, lasts long enough in the cow teat until next milking, easily washable and biodegradable."

"The price per gallon goes up if you have less number of SCC(Somatic Cell Count) in your milk, but if your cow has Mastitis then this SCC number goes up, and price per gallon comes down. Preventing Mastitis means, doing business" said a seasoned dairy farm owner at Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

Current mastitis treatment is very inefficient. Mastitis is detected from visible swelling, abnormal milk, and rise in somatic cell count. Sick cows get separated from the rest of the cows for weeks then they undergo antibiotic treatment. For a long period, the cow can’t be milked because the antibiotics are unsafe for human consumption.

“Global investors see the value in what we are doing, the science behind our product, market size, demand and shows interest in joining us to scale our product to the next level," said Dr. Siva.

The Startup scene in the third tier cities and small towns are changing very fast, a lot of innovations happening here which can address the real problems. The founders of these small town Startups have a background which helps them to understand the problem deep and fast. Dr. Siva itself from the dairy farming family background but did his Ph.D. and researches in Singapore and Japan before founding Ariviya in his home town in India, no wonder how these small towns Startup attracts global investors.


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