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Patna: Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) Chairperson Anand Kishore, at a meeting of the BSEB governing body in Patna on Tuesday, unveiled a number of measures that will be implemented to curb cheating in the upcoming matric and inter exams.

"These steps will not only eliminate cheating in exams but they will also help restore the image of the state that has taken a beating in the last few exams. Furthermore, they will definitely help meritorious students who have to compete with the cheaters," Kishore said.

Among the many measures to be adopted are the introduction of four sets of question papers to stop them from going viral on Whatsapp or other messaging application. Students will not know what set of question they will be getting until the exams begin.

Another step to curtail on cheating in Bihar exams involves using ten schools as test centers as opposed to just one school under the current system. Under this plan, students from the same school will be allocated different centers so 'setters' are not able to affect the exams by selling the same question paper to all.

Under the current administration, Bihar has seen education sunk like never before. A number of incidents of high-profile cheating has diminished the image of the state after cases like the recent paper leak case involving an IAS officer and last year's BSEB scandal involving college principals like Bachcha Rai and BSEB Secretary Lalkeshwar Prasad.

A year before that in 2015, a school in Hajipur became world famous after an image of people scaling a tall wall to help their candidates cheat in the exam went viral much to the embarrassment of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

Target Communities : students, parents

Why it is important: Corruption in Education is a big menace

What is the end objective of the news?: to increase awareness, and make the authorities more vigilant

What needs to be done to meet the objective?: it should be spread among all students

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