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Solopreneurs, an initiative to change the lives and empower Women Solopreneurs launched in India. It’s a unique platform that will address the key challenge of client acquisition for the solopreneurs and will manage the Professionals Requirement of Independent Individuals especially Women Professionals.

Solopreneurs Portal Pvt Ltd has taken over the business of ‘Get Me Experts” & “FlexiOrg” from Ashtopus Consulting Pvt Ltd

Ms Kusum Lata Sharma, Director, Solopreneurs with more than 10 years Entrepreneurship Experience said, Solopreneurs will focus largely on creating, developing and managing solutions related to Freelancers or Solopreneurs , also known as independent individual professionals especially women professionals.

Solopreneurs Portal is upbeat about the increasing requirements of independent professionals in the market, not only in India but also across the world and will be expanding soon to South-East Asian countries. A group of Industry experts have already given their consent to be part of their board of Advisors.


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