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The leading [addiction treatment center] in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Serenity Oaks Wellness pursuit to help people affected by drug and alcohol addiction is unremitting. The rehab recently announced that they will now be offering educational and support programs for families that are affected by the negative effects of family members addiction. The programs have been designed with the help of mental health experts to help families cope through education and support.

Families need help when dealing with a member caught in the addictive cycle of substance abuse. Serenity Oaks [drug and alcohol rehab centers]( educational and support program offers much needed help to family members in learning about the disease of addiction and how it can affect the lives of everyone touched by this disease. Experts agree that having an addict in the family can have serious and lasting negative effects on a family if proper knowledge and support is not provided. Due to the sensitivity of the subject, many families with an addict isolate themselves fearing other peoples reactions. Through the right knowledge, family members cannot only catch addiction early on but they can also help in providing the support and encouragement for the addict to heal. Furthermore, with care and support, the family can work through the chaos they have experienced and begin to understand how to set healthy boundaries to rebuild a trusting relationship with their loved one

When Everyone accepts their part in the family disease cycle a true sense of healing begins to unfold for everyone involved- Jon Lasko - Owner of Serenity Oaks Wellness Center.

The program will teach families what they need to know about addiction and what living in recovery looks like for the family as well as the addict receiving treatment at the [drug rehab].

It will also touch upon the complex subjects of how to prepare for the loved one coming home from rehab after they have successfully completed their treatment and then simplify the intricacies of educating and preparing children. The program will also educate family members about relapse and how it works. Most importantly, the program will provide much needed support assuring family members that recovery is available for their family member battling addiction and the family.



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