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Amity Global School got yet another opportunity to welcome the Swiss delegation of students to its premises on 12th Of October 2018. Like last year, the visit was eagerly looked forward to and a variety of activities had already been planned for the day by the Principal Mrs. Jayashree Kad and school activity coordinators.

The visitors from Switzerland were given a warm Indian welcome by the students of Amity with vermillion tilak and flowers. Traditional mantras were chanted in the background.

A major activity of the day thoroughly enjoyed by the guests as well as the hosts, was the dance session that included Dandiya and Bhangra. It was a pleasure to see the Swiss delegation rejoicing in the traditional music and dance steps of India. The Principal, staff and students of Amity Global cheerfully matched steps with them.

After the high spirited dance session, there was a brief presentation on the mission and opportunities offered to the students of Amity’s Founder President Dr. Ashok K Chauhan and Chairperson Ma’am Dr. Amita Chauhan.

The delegation also took a walk around the school campus and dabbled in block printing on handmade diaries. This was followed by an interactive session involving students and teachers. There was an enthusiastic exchange of questions and answers on topics that are relevant to both the countries. The discussion was mutually edifying and enlightening.

The guests also enjoyed a sumptuous Indian breakfast comprising Idli Sambhar and Halwa at the school.

Mrs. Jayashree Kad presented the delegates with token souvenirs comprising handmade diaries and mugs. On behalf of Amity Global School Noida, she along with Mrs. Renu Singh, Principal - Amity International School, thanked and appreciated the delegates for their visit.



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