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To implement best practices in any industry, it is important to understand, accept and appreciate the strengths of diverse cultures. This is also true in the education domain and Amity Global School, Noida organised a special session to discuss the new internationally popular ways in which academic horizons can be widened.

Piloted by the school principal Ms. Jayashree Kad, the session saw teachers chipping in their ideas and enthusiasm as they collaborated on the new trends in global education systems. The right mix of teaching methodologies and classroom culture in different parts of the world can improve the learning process and also support the character building of young learners.

The teachers attending the session got to know about the latest trends that spearhead the world of international education. They were also apprised of the innovative methodologies, strategies and activities that make classroom learning more effective.

It was an interactive and illuminating session where participants were encouraged to question, cross-question and put forward their own views on how global education system has evolved over the years and how it can further improve. They took notes and were enthused to practise what they learnt here.

To make the session more engaging, there were communication games and role plays on how to incorporate new strategies in teaching students of different age groups. Teachers acknowledged the multifarious role of a school in optimising a student’s potential and polishing their skills. This is materialised not only through formal curriculum and extra circular activities but also by encouraging them to nurture the ethical values that have stood the test of time.

The international attributes and standards of education were elucidated through presentations and the session became a great learning experience for all the participants. With its emphasis on a broader view of the practiced curriculum, it renewed the spirit of innovation at Amity Global School.


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