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 In a world where everyone is trying to save the environment, and bring green changes with traditional methods, a new initiative called greenGENE has entered into the picture. This initiative invites attention because of it’s unconventional approach towards promoting and executing green practices. These practices majorly include organized plantation and conservation. 

greenGENE provides the placeholders and technology like geo-mapping to the experts for their research of organized planting. On the other hand, for execution of proper conservation, it uses real time technological tools for maintenance of the trees. The whole idea is based on a long term plan of eventually leading to a maintained eco balance for the future generations to come. 

However, an initiative like this can only be driven by people who are motivated towards achieving a greener habitat. Therefore, greenGENE has come up with more ideas in an attempt to bring gratitude towards trees, in the minds of the public. 

The initiative offers people to gift a tree to their loved ones using a gift card. The recipient of the gift card will have the tree under their name, for two full years. Through the greenGENE application, they will be updated with the maintenance of their tree, executed by the volunteers. Each tree will be tagged with a QR code which will tell everything about the tree, to any person who scans the code, using the app. This is another way the initiative infuses technology into its practices.

Using the same technology and idea of tagging trees with a QR code, greenGENE also provokes people to get their already existing trees tagged by them. This is to provide the details of the tree’s history, like the date it was planted, fertilized etc. All this information would be available on the application itself, to be accessed by the owner. This incorporates the idea of increasing the green wealth owned by every individual.    

In conclusion, the initiative aims at a greener habitat and uses technology to bring convenience to the whole process. It possesses innovative ideas that will possibly drive people towards motivation for greenery. 



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