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Dr. Anupama Mane's plastic surgery used to remove 31 lumps from a teenager's breast without damaging her milk ducts. It was a complicated surgery and a new technique was used.

The girl met Dr. Anupama Mane,  breast surgeon from Jehangir Hospital, 10 months ago with complaints about lumps in her breast. The lumps were noted to become more painful,. Now, this is a common condition, around 50 per cent girls suffer from it,  however, when the lumps get big, they have to be removed surgically. In case, the lumps were in a large number, which meant if operated upon, scars of the surgery would be visible.

After consultation, it was found that a total of 31 lumps were present. One breast had 21 lumps whereas the other had 10. Dr. Mane used the plastic surgery technique to artificially lift the breast ensuring a safe and normal future for her, which can help her to breastfeed in the future.



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