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Fans of the 30A summer clothes and beachwear for women and men are in for a pleasant surprise every time they shop at a 30A franchise. Every Dumpster Diver™ t-shirt they buy is made from eight 16-ounce plastic bottles collected from landfills – bottles that could have ended up polluting the ocean.

“We literally take plastic bottles from landfills across the country to shred and spin them into a yarn that’s mixed with cotton to create the Dumpster Diver™ range of recycled summer clothes for men and women,” says a spokesperson for the 30A Company. Their blue t-shirts are made from clear bottles, while brown shirts are made from root beer bottles. Black t-shirts are made from lunch trays. Blending the yarn with cotton makes the final product unbelievably soft and comfortable to wear. 

Rough estimates by the environmentalists predict that by the year 2021, consumption of plastic bottles could be more than half a trillion. This could have a huge consequence on the environment, especially the oceans where a majority of the waste bottles are dumped. Luckily, a majority of these bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate or PET which is recyclable. 

“From using plastic pellets to laying roads to making sleeping bags, scientists are coming up with innovative uses for plastics. Ours is a simple yet effective approach to use recycled plastic bottles. It is our way of giving back to the environment,” adds the spokesperson. 

Besides selling their Dumpster Diver™ range of beachwear for women and men, the 30A company also sells a wide range of beach accessories like beach bags made from recycled jute, beach chairs, sunglasses, and even drinkware. 



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