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Comprehensive Breast Care Center uses the best medical imaging techniques to provide their customers with the best care. Comprehensive Breast Care Center is the only mammography center in South Florida that uses Breast Tomosynthesis, the latest technology in breast cancer screening. They analyze the results themselves and have them delivered to the patient’s respective physician within a day.

CDI Miami provide the following services: 

Digital Mammography: A preventative technique which involves an X ray miami of the breasts for women with no symptoms of any breast disease. This technique uses a small amount of radiation and is therefore considered safe.

3D Mammograms: Comprehensive Breast Care Center provides this latest technology that helps in the detection of small masses, clear pictures of dense tissues and increased `accuracy at identifying tumors.

Breast MRI: This technique is for cancer patients and provides the most detailed image that no other method can provide. Comprehensive Breast Care Center uses MRI for examining abnormalities detected by mammograms, for determining if cancer has spread, for locating tumors and for evaluating the effect of chemotherapy.

Breast Ultrasound: This technique is used to determine the potential of abnormalities detected by mammograms.

Breast Health Navigator: Comprehensive Breast Care Center provides a Breast Health

The navigator who is a trained oncology nurse to help, advocate, educate and guide its patients with whatever issues they are facing. Breast Health Navigators will help patients choose the best available treatment option suitable for them.

Breast Biopsies: Based on the results of ultrasounds or MRIs, Comprehensive Breast Care Center specialists use this technique to target and remove abnormalities or suspicious growths to determine if they are cancerous. Comprehensive Breast Care Center suggests that customers call for more information on how to prepare for this before time.

Bone Density: Comprehensive Breast Care Center plans on setting the high standard for osteoporosis assessment to help people of all ages with better skeletal healthcare.

Genetic Testing: Comprehensive Breast Care Center strives to provide the best genetic testing with its state of the art technology in this field.

With Breast Specialist In Miami, comprehensive breast care package customers can be at peace of mind. This package needs no reference from a physician and includes breast ultrasound, breast tomosynthesis, breast examination and consultation.


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